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Welcoming Dr Katie Chung to the team!

Updated: Oct 23, 2019

The team would like to officially welcome Dr Katie Chung to the Inlight Psychology team. Katie is a psychologist with experience working in private practice, mental health clinics, university clinics and group therapy settings. Katie holds a Masters in Clinical Psychology and has also completed a PhD on maladaptive cognitive processes and emotion regulation strategies in depression.

Katie works with adults, adolescents, and children and treats a variety of presentations including anxiety, stress, low mood, emotion regulation difficulties, work and academic issues, time management and procrastination, perfectionism, social and relationship difficulties, and family issues.

Katie takes on a collaborative and holistic approach to treating psychological difficulties. Her approach considers both short-term (practical strategies) and long-term (creating meaningful change) strategies. She also works from a variety of therapeutic modalities, including CBT, ACT, Schema, DBT, and Parent Management Training.

When asked about her approach and why she enjoys psychology, Katie replied with "I find it a privilege to be able to provide this safe space for clients to express themselves and feel understood. I find the process of understanding why clients get stuck in distressing, unworkable, and/or unhealthy patterns really interesting and gaining insight into these patterns is an important part of therapy. Although certain beliefs and behaviours might be causing issues, they persist because they are being reinforced or because they serve a function. Understanding the roadblocks and what functions these unhealthy beliefs and behaviours are serving will allow us to replace them with healthier alternatives, allowing clients to live life more fully and meaningfully.

One of the most rewarding aspects of therapy, beyond reducing clients’ current levels of distress and impairment, is when they gain insight into themselves and develop a sense of confidence to continue to independently manage and overcome difficulties using the skills they’ve developed."


Inlight Psychology is a team of psychologists committed to supporting you in your journey towards improved emotional wellbeing and living a wholehearted and meaningful life. Every psychologist in the team has postgraduate qualifications in Clinical Psychology and is warm, compassionate, and non-judgmental.

To book an appointment with Dr Katie Chung, please don't hesitate to call 8320 0566 or email contact@inlightpsychology.com.au. If you would like to learn more about the team, click here. Please note, every new client is given the time to speak with director and clinical psychologist, Dr Liza Chervonsky, so that they can explain their situation and their needs.

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