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Study without stress & productivity hacks for HSC Success

Date: Wednesday 3rd October

Time: 2.30pm - 4.30pm

Location: First Education, Bondi Centre, Level 1, 158 Bondi Road, Bondi NSW 2026

Cost: $90

Audience: Students in Yr 11 and 12

Link to flyer

This is a workshop on time management, increasing productivity, and anxiety management strategies, for students in Yr 11 and 12. The workshop will have a strong practical focus and students will leave with a toolkit of strategies to help manage their workload and stress.

The workshop will cover topics such as:

  • time management, organisation, planning, and time-tabling

  • breaking tasks down into smaller, more achievable steps

  • procrastination strategies

  • managing distractions (e.g. phone and laptop)

  • stress management and anxiety management techniques

  • coping with panic and tolerating distress

  • bouncing back from disappointments

If you have any questions regarding this workshop, please don't hesitate to contact us on 8320 0566 or email us on

Limited places. 

Registration is now closed for this event.
To register your interest for the next workshop, please send us an email to

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