Access mental health support from the comfort and privacy of your own home.

Speak with one of our warm, compassionate, and experienced psychologists via video or phone call. 

All our psychologists are clinically trained and are experienced in providing therapy via telehealth. Clients usually find that the telehealth format is very similar to in-person appointments (particularly with video sessions).

Do you have accept mental health care/treatment plans for telehealth appointments?

We accept the mental health care/treatment plan and can provide rebates for up to 10 sessions in the calendar year, even for sessions accessed via telehealth. 

Who is suitable for telehealth sessions?

Most clients are suitable for telehealth sessions. Telehealth can be offered for clients seeking help for anxiety, stress, panic, mood disorders, anger, emotion regulation difficulties, relationship difficulties, social difficulties, family issues, work and academic related issues, self-esteem, perfectionism, post-natal anxiety and depression, grief, and personality disorders. 

What is required for telehealth sessions?

  • You will need a private space from which you can do the call. 

  • You will need a computer/laptop/tablet and connection to the internet. Mobile phones can also be used, however, due to the small screen size we recommend using a larger device. 

Can I see my psychologist in person?

Usually our psychologists are available to see you face-to-face. However, due to the COVID-19 restrictions, some of our psychologists are unavailable in person during this time. Nonetheless, most of our psychologists are available for an in-person consultation. 

How do I book in an appointment?

You can book in an appointment by:

  • Phoning our reception on 8320 0566

  • Email us on

  • Click the "chat now" option below. Please note, responses via chat may be delayed at this time. 

Where can I learn more about the psychologists?

To learn more about our team, click the button below. 

For mental health resources during COVID-19, please click here to access an article on managing stress and anxiety during this difficult time.