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Junie Johnson


  • Master of Clinical Psychology, UTS

  • Graduate Diploma of Psychology (Advanced), Monash University

  • Bachelor of Arts (Psychology Major; Applied Developmental Psychology Minor), UCLA

I truly believe it is a privilege to do my work and I have such deep respect for my clients for being able to share such important and personal aspects of their lives with me. I am deeply committed to supporting individuals in their development of a healthy identity and to gain greater self-awareness. I value warmth and authenticity in my practice and it is critical for me to ensure clients feel genuinely heard as we work towards healing and meaningful change.


I adopt a compassionate, flexible, collaborative and trauma-informed approach to therapy, drawing from a range of evidence-based strategies to best suit the unique needs of each individual. This often involves exploring one’s thoughts, feelings, behaviours and relational aspects and understanding how these patterns maintain difficulties experienced in life.

Clinical approach

  • Schema, DBT, CBT, ACT and trauma-informed therapy

  • Works with adults, adolescents, children and parents

  • A strong desire to deeply understand the individual from a strengths-based approach

  • Prioritises creating a comfortable space that is free from any judgement, to ensure clients feel safe to explore difficult experiences

  • Enacting change through cognitive, emotional, behavioural, relational and experiential factors within the therapeutic work


  • Experience working with individuals presenting with mood disorders, personality disorders, substance use issues, complex trauma, eating disorders, emotion regulation difficulties, interpersonal/relational issues, sleep difficulties and specific phobias

  • Facilitating inpatient and outpatient group therapy in acute psychiatric hospital settings (CBT, DBT, ACT and Schema informed programs)

  • Conducting assessments and delivering effective psychological treatment for children, adolescents, and adults across university, community and research clinics

  • Additional experience providing evidence-based treatment to parents of children with behaviour challenges, anxiety, emotion regulation difficulties and/or with a history of adversity.


  • Anxiety, panic, phobias, stress, and worry

  • OCD and obsessional thinking

  • Depression and low mood

  • Bipolar

  • Anger and frustration

  • Emotion regulation difficulties

  • Personality disorders, including Borderline Personality Disorder

  • Trauma

  • Interpersonal and relationship difficulties

  • Family issues

  • Child and adolescent issues

  • Parenting work

  • Body image issues

  • Eating Disorders

  • Drugs and alcohol

  • Sleeping difficulties

  • Work and academic difficulties

  • Unhelpful and catastrophic thinking

  • Perfectionism, motivation, time-management

  • Gender and sexuality


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