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Dr Liza Chervonsky

Clinical Psychologist
Board-Approved Supervisor

Doctor of Clinical Psychology (DCP), USYD
Doctor of Philosophy (PhD), USYD
Bachelor of Psychology (Hons-1), UNSW

I have great passion in my clinical work and deep respect for people seeking therapy to improve their lives. I seek to understand each client and their individual needs and challenges, and ensure that the work we do matches their goals and their vision of a better life. 

I believe that change comes through work at a cognitive, emotional, behavioural, relational and experiential level, and incorporate all of these aspects in my therapeutic approach.

Clinical approach

  • Schema, CBT, DBT, ACT, Mindfulness, Relational and attachment-informed therapy.

  • Works with adults, children, adolescents, and parents.

  • A strong focus on understanding the individual and the factors that maintain symptoms and dissatisfaction in their lives.

  • Incorporates attachment and relational patterns, behavioural patterns, core beliefs and cognitions, and coping strategies in her work.

  • A balance between deeper core work and practical strategies.

  • Enriching life with more meaning, enjoyment, and positive relationships.


  • Years of experience working with anxiety, mood issues, anger, interpersonal and relational issues, personality issues, and emotion regulation difficulties.

  • Experience working in private practice, inpatient psychiatric hospitals, outpatient groups, youth and adult community mental health, university clinics, telehealth, and corporate coaching.

  • Providing regular supervision and guidance to a number of psychologists both on her team and privately.

  • Delivering CBT, DBT, mindfulness and ACT therapy groups in psychiatric and community mental health settings, as well as general workshops for students and adults.

  • PhD and published journal articles on the psychological and social impact of adaptive and maladaptive emotion regulation strategies. 


  • Anxiety, panic, phobias, stress, worry, and OCD

  • Depression, low mood, and apathy

  • Emotion regulation difficulties

  • Trauma and processing difficult experiences

  • Anger management, frustration, and irritation

  • Personality disorders

  • Relationship and interpersonal difficulties

  • Friendship and social issues

  • Family, parenting, and attachment issues

  • Self-esteem and confidence issues

  • Body image problems

  • Work and study difficulties

  • Perfectionism, motivation, time-management

  • Sleeping difficulties

Blog Posts​​

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