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Taking the first step towards seeking help

Dr Liza Chervonsky

Clinical Psychologist

Taking the first step towards seeking help for mental health can feel daunting and frightening. There may be doubt and uncertainty, and you may be wondering whether you really need help. Perhaps you can you do it on your own? The first step is scary, but it marks an important point in your life, where you are taking things into your own hands and actively choosing to improve your wellbeing.

If you broke your leg, you wouldn’t question whether you should seek medical help. The idea of “doing it on my own” or “I’m so weak for breaking my leg” would seem absolutely absurd. If you wanted to get physically fit, you would seek a personal trainer. If you needed to fix something in your home, you wouldn’t use your bare hands and you wouldn’t try to make the tools from scratch. There is nothing weak or abnormal about asking for help. The same goes for your mental health.

Our role as clinical psychologists is not to judge you, categorise you as “mentally ill”, or shame you. We genuinely want to help and our main goal is to equip you with the strategies needed, so that you can move towards a place where you feel more confident to manage any emotional difficulties that arise. There is no problem too “small” or “silly”. In fact, we enjoy speaking to people who want to simply improve their lives and work on self-development, regardless of whether there is an underlying mental health condition or not.

So take the first step, and we’ll walk alongside you in your journey towards better emotional wellbeing.

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