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Inlight Psychology Professional Development Day - 1st June 2024

At our clinic, Inlight Psychology in Bondi Junction, we recently came together for a fantastic professional development day. The focus of this day was on enhancing our skills in a few key areas including

  • Advanced Formulations of Therapist and Client using Relational Frameworks Led by Dr Liza Chervonsky, Principal Clinical Psychologist and Director of Inlight Psychology

  • Domestic Violence Led by Brooke McGorry, Primary Care DFV Navigator, Women’s Domestic Violence Court Advocacy Program (WDVCAP) Unit

  • Working with Adolescents and Parents Led by Isabella Rossettin, Clinical Psychologist at Inlight Psychology

Our lead clinical psychologist, Dr Liza Chervonsky, led a very thought-provoking session on relational skills, encouraging the team to reflect on schemas and relational models. She emphasised the importance of understanding ourselves as therapists to better support our clients, in turn helping us to create a safer therapeutic environment.

We also delved into the complexities of Domestic Violence, gaining insights and strategies to support our clients who may be experiencing such circumstances. Brooke McGorry, the Primary Care DFV Navigator from the Women’s Domestic Violence Court Advocacy Program (WDVCAP) Unit, provided an invaluable service in educating and supporting our clinicians in supporting those experiencing DV. She offered several strategies that will allow the Inlight psychologists to support clients in improving their safety and navigating leaving unhealthy or dangerous relationships.

The final session of the day on working with adolescents and parents was presented by one of our lovely clinical psychologists, Isabella Rossettin, who provided practical techniques for building rapport and fostering better communication when working with young people and their families. The day was not just about learning new skills but also about strengthening our team bond. It’s always a joy to come together for these enriching experiences. We left feeling inspired and better equipped to support our clients at the Inlight Psychology clinic.


Dr. Liza Chervonsky is the Principal Clinical Psychologist and Director of Inlight Psychology in Bondi Junction. She has a strong interest in personality, relationship and interpersonal issues and uses a relational and attachment lens in her therapeutic and supervision work. She also borrows from a number of other therapeutic modalities that work well with interpersonal issues, such as schema therapy, ACT, DBT, CBT, parts work (IFS), psychodynamic and mindfulness. As the head of Inlight Psychology, Liza surrounds herself with a team of psychologists who share in her interpersonal and relational approach to therapy.

If you would like to book an appointment with Liza or someone on her team, you can contact Inlight Psychology on (02) 8320 0566 or

To learn more about the team, click here:

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